Booking Policy

We will always try to accommodate you with the doctor of your choice on your preferred date and time, however when this is not possible, we will offer you the option to see another doctor.

Billing Policy

Patients with Medicare cards (usually Australian residents) will have no out-of-pocket costs for standard appointments (in most cases), as it will be billed directly to Medicare. Some out of pocket expenses are incurred for commercial medical and driver's licence assessments which are not covered by Medicare. 

For those not covered by Medicare standard appointments are $40, long appointments are $80 and phone consults are $50. 

Some procedures have out-of-pocket costs, you will be advised at the time of booking the procedure. Please ask at Reception for further details.


Referrals and Repeat Prescriptions

If you wish to request an updated or new referral for an external health provider, or a new prescription for your medication, you will be required to make an appointment with your GP.


E-communication Policy

The reception@caralee.org.au email address is monitored daily Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 5.00pm.

We will endeavour to reply your email(s) soonest possible should it need a reply and we do apologise if there are any delays in the process. 

For appointment booking, please do call our reception at (08) 9331 7233 or alternatively, you can book online via the online booking page.  

Privacy Policy

The practice holds your privacy in the highest of regards. We are regulated by the Privacy Act of 1988 and Australian Privacy Principles. Your medical records are a confidential document. Our policy is to maintain the confidentiality of your records at all times. We operate our database on a secure off-site server, which is maintained by an experienced IT provider.

For further information our privacy policy can be read here

Current guidelines on the management of patient health information can be found at


Transfer of Medical Records

To request a transfer of medical records to another practice, you will be required to complete a form detailing the new practice name and location, and your own personal details. This can be completed with our receptionists.


We welcome feedback on the services you receive from our staff and are open to receiving your contributions for service improvement. We have a suggestions box at our front desk, or you may speak with our Practice Manager. 

We will always endeavour to resolve any concerns with our best ability. You are able to make a formal complaint to the Health and Disability Services Complaints Office (HaDSCO) should you find the resolution unsuitable.

HaDSCO is an independent Statutory Authority providing an impartial resolution service for complaints relating to health, disability and mental health services provided in Western Australia.

Phone: (08) 6551 7600           Website: https://www.hadsco.wa.gov.au/home/


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